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2021’s Hottest Home Design Trends: Speculations From The best home builders sydney

2020 was a revolutionary year for home design. With so many people being cooped up at home, the home environment became more important than ever before, and it is this factor that will spearhead most of the home design trends for 2021.

At Willoughby Homes, we regard ourselves as one of the best home builders sydney, and for this reason, we are often asked for our opinion on upcoming home design trends. Here are what we believe to be some of the top home build and interior trends for 2021!

Goodbye Dining Rooms

For a good while now, probably since the invention of the television, formal dining rooms have been largely forgotten about. While many of us still have them in our homes, they are usually often used on Christmas and other special/festive occasions, making them not worth the space they take up. Most families eat in the kitchen, the lounge or even on the porch.

So goodbye formal dining rooms. New home builders are likely to forego this space to make room for such things as office spaces, and current home builders are likely to sell their dining room sets and convert the room into something more practical.

Colour Palette: Warm Neutrals

When it comes to painting your walls and deciding on an interior colour palette, neutrals will always be in. But we are swapping out those harsh, bright (almost blue) whites for warmer neutrals such as creams, beiges and browns.

Effective Office Spaces

After millions of people had to work from home last year, it is no surprise that home design builds are going to prioritise effective office spaces – a place in which you can work without disruption. The home office is making a comeback in a huge way.


While minimalism looks great, it is often not very practical or cosy. 2021 brings back the notion that it is okay to own stuff. Crowded shelves with personal knick-knacks you’ve picked up along your life are definitely in. And the unconscious cluttered look is definitely not advisable as cohesively styling your possessions will be the ‘it’ look this year.

Looking for the very best home builders sydney? Willoughby Homes has all the experience and expertise to blow the competition out of the water. Get in touch with us today, and we can start designing your dream home.