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5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Home Build: Advice From House Builders in Sydney

The home building process can be challenging and confusing for the new homeowner, and not to mention incredibly stressful. As house builders in Sydney, we have seen clients make the same mistakes again and again.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid during the home build process!

Expecting Everything Will Go According to Plan and Run on Time

While most decent home building companies will do their best to stick to the stipulated time frame, unfortunately, certain factors are completely out of their control, such as weather, burst pipes, unforeseen challenges, etc. Instead of expecting and planning your life around the scheduled finishing date, rather maintain the mindset that things could change. Being flexible will help you avoid disappointment.

Unrefined Floor Plans

We have had many clients come to us with unrefined floor plans asking us to create the plans without any input from us. Speak to your builder regarding the floor plans to get a professional perspective. Sometimes minor tweaks and adjustments will help you get the floor plan that you were actually after.

Trying to Cut Costs When it Comes to Material

You do not want to skimp on costs when it comes to building material, and in particular, insulation material. This is your home that you are already investing a substantial amount of money in; you might as well get quality materials which will ensure that your home will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Going With The Wrong Builder

Choosing the right home builders in Sydney is integral to the success of your home build project. Experienced builders who understand your vision and are 100% reliable and above board is what you need to look for. And don’t settle for less!

Wanting to DIY

Once the build is complete, you may want to do the light fixtures, tiling etc. yourself. While you could definitely get involved in a few DIY aspects of your home, it is better to leave lighting, electrics and plumbing to the professionals that have the necessary licenses to do so.

Looking for reliable house builders in Sydney? Get in touch with the expert team at Willoughby Homes today, and we can start discussing all of your home build needs.