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Pre-designed Vs Custom Duplex Design

A duplex can be a wonderful design for a new home. It can be a great investment for you and your family, giving you an opportunity to rent out one of the portions or have extra space available to you should you want to keep your family close. When it comes to duplex design or any home design for that matter, you have two main options available to you, those being pre-designed designs and custom designs.

As experts in duplex designs in Sydney, we are very familiar with the pros and cons of what each option offers. In this article, we hope to make your decision a little easier with regard to choosing between a pre-designed or a custom duplex design in Sydney.

Pre-Designed Duplexes

Pre-Designed duplexes are built using pre-designed plans that have been created by a home building company. These plans are usually quite generic and are created to suit a variety of families and their lifestyles. While you may be able to make slight adjustments to these pre-designs, there probably won’t give much wiggle room. Some of the advantages involved with pre-designed plans include:

  • More affordable than custom designs.
  • You know exactly what you’re getting.
  • You may even be able to see a display home that has the same design.
  • Faster build time as the design stage is removed from the process.

The only real con to pre-designed duplexes is that the design has not been specifically created for you and your family’s needs.

Custom Duplexes

Custom designs are created by the home designer sitting down with the client and getting to know more about their lifestyle needs, budget, and space requirements. Custom builds are usually more expensive and time-consuming, but you’re able to be heavily involved in the design process and live in your dream duplex!

Looking for experts in duplex designs in Sydney? At Willoughby Homes, we offer both pre-designed duplexes as well as custom designs! We also have a number of display duplexes that you could look at to gain an idea of what we’re capable of. Get in touch with us today on 1300 031 268.